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Need to know

Why install a condensate cleaner?
Local environmental laws and regulations combined with the power of the individual, mean that most of the oil contaminant must be removed from the condensate before discharging in to the sewage system.

Type of lubricants that can be separated with the PURO
The PURO is designed to separate mineral oil, semi - and fully synthetic lubricants from condensate.  A stable emulsion formed from mineral oil or synthetic lubricants is typically no problem for the PURO. 

Principle workings of the PURO
Polypropylene has the perfect effect on oil.  It attracts oil and captures it, almost as if it draws oil like a magnet.  That simplicity and technology are at the root of the PURO's efficiency.

The PURO uses various filtration stages to achieve the lowest possible oil residue.  The first stage is an adsorption filter that utilises a material that is treated and designed to adsorb oil, not water.

The condensate flows through the filter and the oil is adsorbed.

Subsequent separation stages are completed with specially selected activated carbon to polish out the remaining contaminants.

Why choose the PURO
Minimal stocking cost.
No de-rating or over-sizing (no complicated sizing charts required) because the standard PURO models handle virtually all types of compressor lubricants.  In addition the PURO does not incorporate/require a condensate settling tank.  Any type of condensate drain can be applied.

The PURO outer dimensions are much smaller than other condensate cleaners in the marketplace, because the PURO does not incorporate large condensate settling reservoirs.

The PURO MIDI & GRAND can be retrofitted with an XTENDER, meaning if your compressed air system grows to a larger capacity, you can simply add the XTENDER.  Three models and an XTENDER cover all capacities up to 70m³/min (compressor capacity).

Health & Safety
Large condensate settling reservoirs can stimulate the growth of harmful bacteria and the cause of unpleasant smells.  The PURO does not incorporate a settling reservoir, nevertheless, we recommend that you apply the protective clothing and mask that is supplied as standard with all PURO models.