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AG Range - Pre Elements
AG Range - Pre Elements

AG Range - Pre Elements

AG Range - Pre Elements
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Ultrapoly PE
The prefilter for the removal of solid contaminants in gases.

The Ultrapoly prefilter contains the high porous, sintered polyethylene filter medium. Even finest dust particles and other contaminants in compressed air and gases are being removed effectively on the surface and in the depth of the filter medium.

By utilising various filtration mechanisms – such as direct impact and sieve effect – contaminants down to the size of 25 μm particles, are being retained in the filter.

The Ultrapoly prefilter is for example being utilised in the following industries
• Chemical industry
• Petrochemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Plastic industry
• General machine fabrication
• Food industry
• Beverage industry
• Process industry for instrumentation and control air

Permanent temperature range: -4°F up to +176°F
Void volume: porosity grade 45%
Filter surface: 5.5 sq.in. (02/05) up to 480 sq.in. (30/50)
Removal of contaminants down to 25 μm
Maximum differential pressure: 30 psi at 68°F, irrespective of system pressure
Initial differential pressure at nominal flow: PE = 0.44 psi
Retention rate: 100% in gases

Filter medium: Pure, high molecular polyethylene
Bonding: Polyurethane
End caps: Aluminium
2 O-Rings: Perbunansilicon - free and free of parting compound (standard)