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AG Range - Activated Carbon Elements
AG Range - Activated Carbon Elements

AG Range - Activated Carbon Elements

AG Range - Activated Carbon Elements
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Ultrac® AK
The adsorption filter for the removal of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons with absolute retention efficiency.

The adsorption filter AK offers double security due to the filter medium Ultrac®. A two stage adsorption process within the filter element ensures that all vapour and gaseous hydrocarbons or other odours are being retained effectively.

The two stage adsorption efficiency offers a large adsorption surface and thus a longer service life time and a high economy of operation. The stainless steel support sleeves as well as the filter material securely hold the activated carbon and ensure that no activated carbon particles are being passed on into the process.

The Ultrac® adsorption filter is for being used in the following industries
• Chemical industry
• Petrochemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Breathing air supply
• Prefiltration of sterile air
• Filling machines
• Packaging machines
• Food industry
• Beverage industry
• Process industry for instrumentation and control air

Recommended temperature range: 50-104°F (T max. = 150°F)
Max. differential pressure: 72.5 psi at 68°F, irrespective of system pressure
Initial differential pressure at nominal flow: 1.16 psi
Retention rate: Residual oil content 0.003 ppm, in combination with SMF

Filter medium: Finest grounded activated carbon being imbedded between binderfree micro fibre fleece
Bonding: Polyurethane
End caps: Aluminium
2 O-Rings: Perbunansilicon-free and free of compound (standard)
Supportsleeves - inner and outer: Stainless steel 1.4301/ 304