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Banjo BSPP (Supply)
Banjo BSPP (Supply)

Banjo BSPP (Supply)

Banjo BSPP (Supply)
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Compact Flow Regulator BSPP
Banjo with external screw, push-in connection.
- reliable, precise and progressive adjustment,
- lock nut guaranteeing stability of adjustment,
- for use in all pneumatic installations due to their high performance capability and small size.


Maximum Working Pressure:
10 bar
1 MPa
145 psi

Working Temperature:
0 to 70 °C
32 to 158 °F
273 to 343 °K

Adjustment Screw: Nickel-plated brass
Body: Engineering grade polymer
Sub-base: Nickel-plated brass
'O'-rings: Nitrile
Gripping Ring: Stainless steel
Screw: Nickel-plated brass