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kW 75 - 90 - 110 - 132 - 160 - 200 - 250
bar 7.5 - 10 - 13 

The INDUSTRIAL series has been designed to operate in the most demanding of conditions, supplying low running costs and a high air output.  A direct drive system from the motor to the air end allows for low maintenance and low operating costs.  Paramount in the design of the Industrial Series was quality and the ability to supply a constant and reliable air supply in the most arduous of environments.  The INDUSTRIAL Series offers a micro processor with a capability to operate six Compressors from one common control panel.  Functions of the control panel gives the Compressors the ability to be individually programmed to meet the exact workplace requirements, minimising operating costs.


  1. German manufactured isometric air end
  2. Micro Processor
  3. Energy Efficient motor
  4. Pre Wired
  5. Pre Piped 
  6. Automatic programmable condensate drains
  7. Fault diagostic panel
  8. Oversized cooling for operating in high ambient
  9. Direct drive motor to air end

German built isometric air end
Quality components
Prolonged operating life
High output 

Variable speed driving motor IP 55, Class F
High efficiency motor
Low service factor on the main drive motor 

INDUSTRIAL Series screw compressors offer a complete package ranging from 75kW to 250kW with a pressure range from 8 Bar to 13 Bar.  INDUSTRIAL supplies operators with a high level of energy efficient clean compressed air to the production with the ability to tailor the output of the compressor through the control panel, minimising service and running costs. 


Oversized air oil coolers
Low discharge temperatures
Low compression temperatures           
Extended operating life 

Operator friendly controller
Simple display
Canbus control for up to 6 units
Auto start function
Remote function
Fault diagnostic panel
Programmable maintenance 
The direct drive system extends operating life to the compressor and maximises the energy from the motor to the air end.  The installation of a heavy duty coupling between the motor and air end extends the service life and guarantees drive efficiency of 99.9% maximising the kW of the electric motor ensuring lower operating costs.
  1. Thermostatically controlled cooling fan minimising operating costs and improving cooling
  2. Oversized air aftercooler and oil cooler to operate in elevated temperatures
  3. Heavy duty encapsulated intake filter 2 micron with a large surface area, extending operating life
  4. Oil filters
  5. 3 stage air oil separator minimising oil carry over, ensuring a clean oil free air supply
  6. Loan and unload intake valve minimising operating cost
  7. Highly efficient condensate separator
  8. German isometric air end
  9. Heavy duty IP 55 electric motor operating at a maximum of 90% service factor, allowing the compressor to operate under extreme power variations
  10. Robust base

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