Refrigerator Air Dryer For Sale

With the introduction of DE iTECH, the new generation of energy-saving
refrigeration dryers, MTA not only renews its product offering for the compressedair treatment but also reinterprets the concept of thermal storage operation, that made the international success of the DE Hybrid dryers. The new IMPULSE TECHNOLOGY offers important advantages in terms of energy saving, reliability and operating costs as the DE iTECH dryer is able to adapt itself to the real needs of the compressed air system. The regulation system of the dryer controls the dryer operation granting the most energetically effective method of compressed air drying, achieving high energy saving and ensuring at the same time an excellent dew point stability also in dynamic conditions.

Features of DE iTECH Refrigerators :

Enhanced Energy Savings

New 3-in-1 high efficiency heat exchanger with optimized fluid dynamics useful to keep the pressure drops to a minimum level. Advanced drying capacity control by impulses or by thermal storage effect. Enhanced energy savings (up to 80% compared with hot gas by-pass dryers).

User Friendly

DE iTECH automatically adapts itself to any operating condition, without any need to adjust or switch OFF the dryer. User friendly digital control is standard on all the models and shows all the main parameters, providing warnings and alarms to ensure correct dryer operation.

Reliable Operation

The simple refrigeration circuit, without hot gas by-pass valve, and the careful selection of the materials and components assure long, trouble free service life. The condenser coil is generously sized to maintain efficiency in all environments even at high ambient temperatures.

Easy Serviceability

Removable frontal panel assures easy access to the main refrigeration components,
thus facilitating maintenance operations also with dryer ON. There is no need of seasonal adjustments unlike hot gas by-pass dryers. Condenser filters standard (DEiT 100–270) prevent mechanical equipment, fouling by stopping debris.

Respect of Environment

DE iTECH’s energy savings coupled with R134a and R404A non ozone depleting
refrigerants, reduce the environment impact minimizing the energy waste.
Recyclable and high quality materials ensure respect of environment. and reduced
carbon footprint.

Robust Design

Heavy duty structure with panels protected by an epoxy polyester powder coating.
Electrical panel (DEiT 100 – 270) is IP54 compliant with EN 60204-1 and tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with applicable EMC standards. Phase monitor standard DEiT 165 – 270.

Easy Installation

Advanced design makes this dryer extremely compact and lightweight. Small footprint and frontal access for all controls and refrigeration components save valuable plant floor space.

Guaranted Quality

All models are individually tested: refrigerant charge and leakage control, microprocessor and safety device setting verification. Leading brand components are used throughout, ensuring long term reliability.

High Operating Limits

High maximum inlet temperature +70 °C (DEiT 003-080) +60 °C (DEiT 100-
270) and maximum ambient temperature (+50 °C) ensure a fail – safe operation at all times. High maximum operating pressure (16 barg).