Compressed Air Pipe comes in 6 metre lengths.

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25mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 80cfm @ 232 psi $48.78
32mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 150cfm @ 232 psi $64.86
40mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 315cfm @ 232 psi$93.17
50mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 470cfm @ 232 psi$141.90
63mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 900cfm @ 232 psi$220.00
75mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 1450cfm @ 232 psi POA
90mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 2600cfm @ 232 psi POA
110mm - 1000 kpa Air Flow - 5026cfm @ 232 psi POA

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    Correct sizing of the air pipe is essential to maximise the cost effectiveness of the Compressed Air Pipe System. Pressure drops are totally unrecoverable, waste energy and thus should be kept to an absolute minimum. Main lines that are too small will cause high air velocity, thus making water separation from the air more difficult.Oversizing of airlines will result in increased initial capital expenditure but is not adverse in any other respect.  A larger main line is, in fact, advantageous, acting as a reservoir for the air thus reducing the load on the air compressor and providing capacity for future demand and growth. To correctly install pipe work so as to eliminate snaking and sagging, clip spacing should be strictly adhered too.

    Maximum Recommended Air Flow

    The flow values are based on a pressure drop of 5% of applied pressure per 30m of pipe.

    Compressed Air Pipe Fittings