Darwin MK2 Screw Compressor

  • 100% full capacity operation 24 hours per day
  • Reduced energy consumption for higher volume of compressed air
  • Lower sound level compared to a piston compressor

Darwin MK2

Eco Mark 2 Screw Compressor

  • Compact,Space Saving Design
  • Belt Driven Transmission
  • Thermostatic Valve, Low Noise Level
  • Separated Cooling System

Darwin MK2

INDUSTRIAL 7.5-22 Series Screw Compressor

  • Minimum Pressure Valve
  • Intake Regulator
  • Cooling Air Pre filtration Panel
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Dryers aand Filters

Darwin MK2


  • German manufactured isometric air end.
  • Energy Efficient motor
  • Automatic programmable condensate drains
  • Fault diagnostic panel
  • Oversized cooling for operating in high ambient temperatures

Darwin MK2

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