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Lockstrap 1200mm – Anti Theft Device


Lock up your valuables, ladders, bicycles, motorbikes, toolbox and more. LOCKSTRAPS are designed to protect all of your valuables from opportunistic theft.

With a 3mm braided stainless steel cable inside the strap, and an all in one combination lock the Lockstrap becomes an effective anti-theft device.

  • No more carrying heavy motorcycle equipment around…you can thread your motorcycle helmet & jacket through the Lockstrap and attach it to your motorbike.
  • No more worrying about your tools being snatched- simply attach the lock strap through your toolbox and secure to your vehicle.
  • Keep your ladder safe- use your Lockstrap & your retractable ratchet to keep your ladder safe and secure.

Industrial strength construction- hardened steel combination lock karabiner, 3mm braided stainless steel cable inside a 1200mm long strap

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