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Miniature 2 Position Spool Valve


4-way valves can supply and exhaust two different outlets, and are commonly used with double-acting cylinders. When the stem is in one position air flows from the inlet to one of the outlets. The second outlet is open to the exhaust port. Moving the stem to the opposite position opens the inlet to the second outlet while exhausting the first outlet.

4 Way Spool Valve
Double Stem
Max Psi: 150 psig
Temperature Range: 32 to 230 F
Ports: 10-32 Thread
Stem Travel: 3/16 inches
Exhaust: Do not restrict
Flow: 7.5 scfm @100 psig
Force: 12 oz. Nominal
Mounting: Also two 0.201” dia. mounting holes in valve body

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Weight N/A

10-32 Thread

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