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Valstop Heavy Duty Check Valve


The Eurostop Heavy Duty Check Valve is suitable for a wide range of mediums including most carbon fuel derivatives. However when using carbon fuels it is recommended that viton seals are used. The Eurostop can be installed in any position; Vertical, Horizontal or Oblique. The Eurostop can be easily converted to a foot valve with the addition of strainer screwed onto the inlet side of the valve.

Body: Brass
Jumper: Ultem
Jumper Guide: Nylon
30% Glass filled
Seat: NBR or Viton
Spring: 302 Stainless Steel
Cracking Pressure: 2.5KPA – 0.3PSI
Working Temperature: -30 °C to 100°C
Min. Working Pressure: 5 KPA – 0.7 PSI

Working Pressure @ 20deg celsius
CV04 – CV08V = 4800 KPA 570 PSI
CV12 – CV12V = 3500 KPA 570 PSI
CV16 = 3000 KPA 430 PSI

NBR = Nitrilic Butadien Rubber

Additional information

Weight N/A

1'' – NBR, 1/2'' – NBR, 1/4'' – Viton, 1/4''- NBR, 3/4'' – NBR, 3/8'' – NBR, 3/8'' – Viton

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